Shirley Temple Black, whose precocity began to show itself when she was about three years old and who went on to fascinate millions of people the world over with her flawless on-screen singing, dancing and acting, died on Monday, February 10, 2014 of natural causes at her home in Woodside, California, aged 85.

To this wonderful woman I owe a debt of gratitude for having set me on course to take up studies in gifted and precocious children. For it was reading about her precocity that arouse my interest in the subject and eventually sent me searching for cases of other precocious and gifted children to study with a view to writing a book on the subject. 

As stated in a paragraph in the page: About the Author, the studies were never completed, but gave way to researching the professional life of Enid Blyton. 

The pleasure I derived first from reading about her wonderful singing, dancing and acting, then watching her doing the same on screen many years later, is indescribable. So it must have been for countless numbers of adults and children the world over.

Farewell America’s Little Darling.

Shirley Jane Temple Black, actor and politician, born April 23, 1928; died February 10, 2014. 



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