This page is set up to let visitors to this website follow the progress of my book: Enid Blyton – The Untold Story from cover design to printing. The progress was held up temporarily on account of copyright issues that have now been fully resolved.
Consequently, the way is now clear for the publication process to begin.

The book is completed from cover to cover and will be published by Bloomsfield Publishing. The publishing services that will be outsourced or commissioned during the publication process are as follows:
Dust Jacket Design - started December 18, 2014. Completed February 23, 2015.
Copy Editing - started April 10, 2015. Ongoing...
Page Layout Design
Index - completed April 10, 2015. Awaiting definite page numbers to be effective.
Barcode preparation
Printing initially 1000 copies in hardcover edition
Order Fulfillment

The progress  or/and completion of each of the stages just mentioned will be given below under UPDATES.


December 18, 2014 - Work on the Dust Jacket Design began.

February 23, 2015 - Work on the Dust Jacket completed.

Here's the complete dust jacket design. On the left is the front cover and on the right, the back cover. Two companies worked to produce these wonderful designs: Chandler Book Design & 2Graphics. The first began the artwork and other, completed it. So credit will be given to both companies. These are definite images that you'll  see when the book is published. The work on the wording for the sleeves, sometimes called the blurb, is in progress. The sleeves are the inside flaps of the dust jacket or wrapper over a hard cover book.

Do you like these designs?  Send me a word in the Contact Us page of this website and let me know what you think.


The commission to do the copy editing of my book has been given to a company called 2QT Publishing (website: 2qt.co.uk) and is expected to take between 4 - 6 weeks to complete. Among the tasks the copy editor has to do are reading the typescript and checking for grammatical, spelling and syntactical errors. 

August 2015: The copy editing is still in progress. Its completion, somewhat delayed, will be announced here.