Here are the three poems, set to music by the composer Gordon Carr. They were featured at a World Premiere at St George’s Church in Beckenham. The first, Have You –? is by Enid Blyton; the second, “I Have –” is a reply by Maud Dyrenfurth, and the third, My Summer Prayer, by Enid Blyton.
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Have You - ?
by Enid Blyton

Have you heard the night-time silence, just when all the
 world’s asleep,
And you’re curled up by your window, all alone?
Have you held your breath in wonder, at the sky so dark and
Have you wanted just one star for all your own?
Have you seen a streak of glory flash across the summer sky,
When a star is tired of staying still so long?
Have you heard the night-wind whisper, as it softly passes
Have you caught the lilting murmur of its song?
Have you listened to the stories that the honeysuckle knows,
As it sends its fairy fragrance thro’ the night?
Have you kissed the tiny babies of the clinging rambler-rose?
Have you loved the passion-flowers with all your might?
Have you suddenly felt lonely, have you wondered why you
When you watched for shooting stars to flash their light?
Have you wanted someone near you, someone dear, who
Have you never stretched your arms out – to the night?

“I HAVE –”
by Maud Dyrenfurth

I have heard the night-time silence full of mystic melody,
And have seen and called that star you love so well,
I have heard the wind, a-weary, whisper all its griefs to me;
I have heard the tale that flowers have to tell.

I have pressed my lips against the rose and longed for you to clasp,
And have closed my eyes and dreamed you were my own,
I have felt the petals crumble in the burning of my grasp;
I have waked to find that I was all alone.

I have dreamt of old-world gardens and of mystic midnight hours,
When the stars are shining all the night a-through;
I have seen the rambler-roses and the scented passion-flowers,
I have seen them in the sunshine, wet with dew.

I have felt quite lonely sometimes in the bygone yesternights
With the darkness, or the stars above to shine;
I have heard your tender promise echo somewhere in the heights;
I have laughed for very joy that you are mine.

I have watched the moon come, timorous, from clouds she hid behind,
And have seen the transformation and the light;
I have stretched my arms out bravely, hardly hoping what to find;
I have sought you, yes!  And found you – in the night.

My Summer Prayer
by Enid Blyton

Give me, O God,
The sunshine glinting atween the trees,
The soft little kisses of every breeze,
The busyful hum of the happy bees,
Lost in the laughing clover;

The cornfields bathed in the golden sun,
The poppies nodding to me in fun,
The daisies closing up one by one
Sighing that day is over;

The wonder of dawn in the eastern sky,
The scent of the hedge-rose, wind-blown by,
The whispering trees, and the bubbling cry
Of the brook fast–flowing under;

The love of the mystic distance blue,
The love of all things pure and true,
And when I yield my life to You,
The worship of Your Wonder.


Here's another poem by Enid Blyton, drawn from another source:


I'm hot to-day, simply dreadfully hot

You just touch my hand - no you'd p'raps better not,

I'm 'fraid it would burn you, it's hot as can be,

Oh! I wonder if anyone's hotter than me!

My clothes are all stuck to me tighter than glue,

And I just can't unstick them, whatever I do,

I've wriggled and pulled till my breath is all gone,

Oh why can't I have just a bathing-dress on?

I wish I could sit in a nice little pool,

And get just a bit of me lovely and cool,

I wish I could water myself with a can,

But I know I'd be scolded if once I began,

I believe I'm melting, I'm feeling so queer,

It'll serve people right, if I do melt out here!

They'll feel sorry then when they come out and see

There's nothing but bundles of clothes left on me!

Where was this poem published? How many poetry books did she write? Did she write poems for people in high places? If so, where were they published? The answers can be found in chapter II, Enid The Poet, in my book: Enid Blyton - The Untold Story.