Mesmerised children with her reading of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree Stories

Kate Winslet is undoubtedly an accomplished English actress. After a series of successful acting for which she received many nominations and won several Oscars, she was suddenly propelled to fame with her superb acting as Rose with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Titanic.
However, notwithstanding her busy acting schedules, she still found time to carry out a project that was close to her heart: to read Enid Blyton’s stories for a series of audiobooks. The stories she was interested in reading are: The Enchanted Wood, The Magic Faraway Tree and the The Folk of the Faraway Tree.
These were really the favorite books from my childhood. It just occurred to me one day to find out what had happened to them,” Kate said in a comment that was carried in the website:
When she did find out that they were still in print, she approached Chorion Intellectual Properties, the previous owners of Enid Blyton’s literary estate, with a proposition to read the stories for a series of audiobooks. They accepted her proposition and the reading of the first story, The Enchanted Wood, began sometime in 2000.
With a voice that cinema goers have come to love, she read the story of three children, namely, Jo, Bessie and Fanny and their adventures of climbing the Faraway Tree, the folk they met there and their amazement in being taken to different worlds at the top of the tree.  Interest, liveliness, and enthusiasm were all blended to make listening to them an enjoyable experience. The recording was finally released October 21, 2000 in four audio cassettes with a running time of five hours.
The other two stories in the trilogy, namely The Magic Faraway Tree and The Folk of the Faraway Tree, were subsequently read at different times afterwards. Information about their release is not readily available.
Ian Wallace, who at that time was the head of publishing at Chorion, described Kate as “an amazing reader, very professional”.
Kate you have done very well. Your recordings are still obtainable and I recommend them in the CD format in which they are now sold to parents who want to buy wonderful stories for their children to listen to in bed, before going to sleep, or for teachers to play in classrooms to amuse small children. They can all be purchased unabridged or abridged from the Internet bookseller: amazon.com.
The Faraway Tree books to be made into a film
After the Faraway Tree trilogy in book form and Kate Winslet’s audiobooks, here comes a spectacular announcement: The Faraway Tree series of books is to be made into a live action film. The announcement was made in October, 2014 by Marlene Johnson of Hachette UK, the new owners of Enid Blyton’s literary estate, in The Mail Online, October 22, 2014:
“'Enid Blyton was a passionate advocate of children's storytelling, and The Magic Faraway Tree is a fantastic example of her creative imagination. It's a much loved title, so we're very excited to announce we've signed an option agreement for development of The Magic Faraway Tree film with Neal Street Productions.” This production company is owned by Sam Mendes, the Oscar-winning director, who incidentally, was one of Kate Winslet previous husbands.


If you are interested in Enid Blyton’s literary estate and want to know what has happened to it after her passing in 1968 and how it finally came into the hands of Hachette UK, you can read all about it in: A Brief History of Enid Blyton’s Literary Estate in Section Two of my book: Enid Blyton the Untold Story.

This article is not in my book. It's given here to feature people who are associated with Enid Blyton in one way or the other.

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