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Win a MSI U 180 Notebook
This remarkable notebook, synonym for a small laptop computer, (pictured) can be yours if you can answer the following question from the three multiple choice answers: 
What was Enid Blyton's role in the production of Newnes' Pictorial Knowledge, a children's encyclopedia and dictionary combined, that the Home Library Book Company published in 1930?
1  She compiled all the material for this encyclopedia single-handedly.
2  She was the Associate Editor and her first husband, Hugh Pollock, was the General       Editor.
3 All she did was to contribute stories and poems that were recycled from her storybooks.
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Brief information about the MSI U180 10 inch Notebook:
It's a mini, all purpose, compact notebook, weighing 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) and comes with, among other features, a webcam, internal microphone, touchpad and media card reader. 8 hours of battery use when fully charged.
Ideal for students, working professionals and travelers. 

MSI is the abbreviation for the company's name: Micro-Star International Co Ltd

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