Long before I ever heard the name Enid Blyton, I used to read about the incredible exploits of gifted and precocious children. Notable among them was the lovely Shirley Temple (April 23, 1928 - February 10, 2014), the American film and Television child actress whose quick mind, retentive memory, agility and versatility fascinated millions of people in America and all over the world. When she was about five or six years old, she could sing, dance, act and carry on meaningful conversations with adults on a variety of subjects. Then there was George Bidder (1806 - 1872), known in England as the calculating boy who, at a very early age, could do complicated sums in his head, even before he started school.

These amazing cases, and many others, prompted me to take up studies in gifted and precocious children with a view to writing a book on the subject. It was during these studies I discovered Enid Blyton’s amazing photographic memory that became apparent when she was about nine years old.

As I reflected on what I had discovered, the burning question that came to mind was this: If she had a photographic memory, how did she use it in her work as a storyteller?
To find the answer, I combed through all her work looking for evidence. Up to that time I was interested only in her storytelling but soon found that she was also a songwriter, playwright, poet, artist, columnist and editor, and that she was interested in nature and gardening.  

Still looking for evidence, I began to study in turn each of her interests and was surprised to find that little or nothing at all had been written about them. So to fill the gap, I did my own investigations and was astonished when I discovered a wealth of material in specialised libraries just waiting to be brought to light.

My research was so fruitful that I forestalled the plan to write a book about gifted and precocious children and ended up writing one about Enid Blyton.
The result is Enid Blyton: The Untold Story, a biographical works that took over ten year to complete. If you have already read the overview of each chapter in a separate page in this website, then you will have already got the picture. If not click here: OVERVIEWS  to get a flavour of what the book is all about.