A Brief Autobiographical Sketch
My name is Brian Carter and I was born in British Guiana, a former UK colony that is located in South America. Neighbouring countries are Suriname, Brazil and Venezuela. The colony became independent in 1966 and the name was changed to Guyana. In 1970 the country became a republic and the name was changed again to The Cooperative Republic of Guyana.It is the only country in South America whose national language is English.

I was educated at Campbell’s Academy, a fee paying school in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana. My first job was a Project Officer in the then Ministry of Cooperatives & National Development with responsibility for managing World Food Programme (WFP) projects in Guyana. Then I was appointed Public Relations Officer in the then Ministry of Regional Development. 

Here I would have stayed and have a career as a civil servant, had it not been for political and economic upheavals in the country that saw an exodus of Guyanese to other lands. Whereupon I resigned and went abroad to live and work. 

My first choice of country was French Guiana, an overseas department of France in South America, where I gained the French nationality through naturalisation. I then moved on to Paris where I enjoyed working and studying in a language and culture that were so different from my own.

It was while I was living in Paris I became engrossed in studies of precocious and gifted children with a view to writing a book on the subject. The studies were never completed, but they gave way to another passion – researching the professional life of Enid Blyton.

Subsequently took up residence in London, England, so as to have full access to resources that were necessary to write Enid Blyton: The Untold Story in English.   

I’m a charter member of Toastmasters International (a public speaking club); a member The Theosophical Society (esoteric teachings), and of the Enid Blyton Society.

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