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This new biography of Enid Blyton (1897 – 1968), a prolific and successful writer of children's storybooks, is about her extraordinary professional life. It brings to light facts that both researchers and critics were unaware of and shows she was much more than an ordinary writer of children's storybooks.

It also demystifies her curious writing method and offers for consideration three theories to account for the astonishing phenomenon. In the end it shows she was a genius who used her mind to the fullest extent.

It has nothing much to do with her private life which has already been treated at length by her official biographer, Barbara Stoney, in her remarkable book: Enid Blyton:The Biography. Barbara Stoney passed away March 6, 2009.

By clicking on this link: SUMMARY OF THE BOOK  you'll find a synopsis of what the book is all about. And if you want to know how the book came about click on ABOUT THE BOOK.   

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To get a flavour of the contents, click on OVERVIEWS. Here you'll find an overview, or the opening paragraph(s), of each of the ten chapters in Section One.

 You'll also find in this richly illustrated book many wonderful articles, either to be read alone or in conjunction with the text. Among these articles are:

  • A Brief History of The Teachers World - a newspaper that gave Enid the marvellous opportunity to showcase her stories, poems, plays, songs, nature lessons, history courses and hold down a column: 'From My Window', for over four years.
  • A Brief History of the Enid Blyton Magazine through which she mobilised hundreds of thousands of children into Fan Clubs up and down the country
  • A Short History of Darrell Waters Ltd, the company she established to help her manage her business affairs
  • A  Short History of Enid Blyton’s Literary Estate, from her passing in 1968 to this date
  • A Brief History of The Enid Blyton Trust
  • The Sunny Stories magazine - A phenomenal Success
Other pages you can check out before you finish this session are ABOUT THE AUTHOR, where you'll find a photograph and a brief autobiographical sketch; PROGRESS OF THE BOOK, where you can see how it's progressing in the publication process and FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES


Shirley Temple Black, whose brilliant on-screen childhood performances set me on course to take up studies in gifted and precocious children, died Monday, February 10, 2014 at her home in Woodside, California, aged 85. Please click this link: shirleytemple to read my tribute to this exceptionally gifted woman.


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May 10, 2021

Decided to close my  Amazon account because of unresolved issues. Amazon has notified everyone who has ordered a copy online and made the necessary cancellations.

Arrangements are now being made to put the book on Ebay. An announcement will soon be made.

April 29, 2021


All complimentary copies have now been sent out. If you have not yet received yours, be patient. It will reach you in a couple of days.

All pre-orders have been fulfilled.


Enid Blyton: The Untold Story is published!

Publication date: April 19, 2021

Arrangements are now being made to put the book on Amazon.

All  complimentary copies promised will be sent out in due course.

The  pre-order facility is removed from this website and copies pre-ordered will  be sent out in due course.


Enid Blyton: The Untold Story is now going through the printing process. Details please click this link: PROGRESS OF THE BOOK and scroll down to Updates.


The prize of a MSI laptop computer on offer in the competition has been won. Details, please click this link: Competition News 

The competition is, once again, suspended until the book is published.


Just published my first blog with the title: 'The Teaching of Morals in Children's Literature is as Old as the Hills!' You can see the blog by clicking this link:  enidblytonbio.bolgspot.com

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